Home Management Binder


This is my Home Management Binder! After finding inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to make one for our household.

The first thing I did was put in two zippered pouches. These hold envelopes, a pen, stamps, checkbook, to do list notepad, highlighter and return address labels.

IMG_3833Then I put in calendar pages for the whole year. I am using the FREE downloadable calendars on  http://motherhoodtrade.com/2015-free-printable-calendars/

On the calendar I keep track of Pay Days, appointments, personal events etc.

Next, I put in several manila folders. I cut them diagonally and taped the right and bottom sides closed. This serves as a pocket and divider. The labels I downloaded for free on http://blog.worldlabel.com/tag/organizing-printables


I have 5 dividers in my binder. They are Monthly Bills, Internet Username and Passwords, Meal Planning, Preschool and Important Dates and Addresses.

The Monthly Bills Tab I keep monthly bills when I receive them, my Monthly Bills Printable, and any automatic payment schedules. You can download my editable Monthly Bills Printable for FREE by clicking the pink link.

IMG_3835The Internet Username and Passwords Tab is a paper that I keep track of my Internet Usernames and Passwords. I am using the FREE editable printable that I found through Pinterest.

The Meal Planning Tab I have 2 lists. The first is a list of meals we eat regularly. The second is our meal list with ingredients we have to buy which makes it easier to plan meals and write up the grocery list without having to go through recipe books.

The Preschool Tab is where I keep all letters, calendars or notices for my daughter’s preschool.

The Important Dates and Addresses has address pages and a Dates To Remember page for birthdays and anniversaries. I was able to download for FREE both sets of pages.

The Address pages are from http://www.thenesteffect.com/p/free-printables.html. She also has lots of other printables you might find useful downloadable for FREE.

The Dates to Remember page for birthdays and anniversaries are from http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/2013/01/home-management-binder-important-dates.html

I’m in the process of adding another Tab for Cleaning Duties. This Tab will have a page that is a list of Daily and Weekly Cleaning Duties and a page that is a Deep Cleaning Checklist. The checklist has monthly, 3 months and 6 months with 4 spaces to write a completion date. To download my FREE Deep Cleaning Checklist click the pink link.—> DeepCleaningChecklistPrintable

Lots of organizing printables, divider labels,  binder covers, etc are available through Pinterest.

Go ahead and make one for yourself!


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